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Success Stories

Organizational Efficiency
Providing software solutions that improve organizational efficiency. Our R3 (Request-Route-Respond) application automates and streamlines information flow within your organization.
Improve Organizational Efficiency
Lawn and Garden Wholesale Distribution Company…

“We hired DataCast to implement our corporate intranet strategy and have been very pleased with the results. Our Intranet provides our employees with a common portal for information sharing. All of the types of information we routinely use–news, announcements, job posting, employee listing, documents, product images, etc. – are now searchable and accessible from a single location…”

“Each Department has its own home page with content applicable to its area. The flexible security levels allow us to customize the features and functions that our
employees access. ..”

Technology Services Firm…

“As a growing technology services firm, we rely heavily upon our Corporate Intranet and R3 workflow, powered by DataCast. Our Intranet provides a common portal for our employees to publish and retrieve information – brochures, legal agreements,
customer proposals, etc…”

“R3 has allowed us to automate the processes related to new customer approvals, customer equipment orders and tracking technical support requests. The dynamic routing capabilities ensure that processes keep moving, and provide a built-in audit trail for reporting purposes."