Increase Network Performance

Real Estate Management and Construction Company…

"DataCast lead us through a successful overhaul of our IT systems. As expected, we received professional advice on IT strategy issues and the implementation of the initiatives went very well. Equally important to us was their guidance that allowed us to make sound business decisions regarding our IT systems…" "We rely upon the DataCast team to manage our day-to-day IT operations – network management, server administration, help desk, and disaster preparedness. We receive responsive service and seldom experience unplanned downtime…"

Safeguard Critical Data

Family Dental Center...

"DataCast helped educate us on the need for an adequate disaster recovery plan and presented us with affordable options for our environment. We have implemented an on-site NAS with bundled offsite storage, protecting our applications and data. Our fully-implemented solution costs us less than $100 per month..." "We really like the remote access capability. In the event there are any issues DataCast support personnel access our systems remotely and we are back up and running in a fraction of the time."

Property Title Insurance Firm...

"DataCast assisted us with an office relocation and network upgrade, including the implementation of a disaster recovery plan. They provided a robust, yet affordable solution that backs up our production servers, incorporating on-site data replication along with offsite storage…" "We are very satisfied with both the solution and the level of service we receive from DataCast…"


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